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Will ‘Yona of the Dawn’ Ever Return for Season 2?

Yona of the Dawn is how I wanna start my morning.

I don’t want crunchy Tropicana mimosas, nor do I want eggs. But I don’t want to skip breakfast altogether, either. I want a healthy bowl of vitamins and minerals. And those vitamins and minerals will come from laying eyes on a badass sword princess on a quest to save her father’s kingdom. Besides, swords have iron. Iron is healthy, right? Makes your liver work or whatever.

Yona of the Dawn was all the rage back in 2014 and 2015 when its first season ran, like that “Sweater Weather” song by The Neighborhood. Then, also like The Neighborhood, it disappeared entirely. But unlike “Sweater Weather,” which gained a resurgence in popularity after the bisexuals of TikTok discovered it, we haven’t heard a peep about Yona of the Dawn. And that’s a shame. I demand that the bisexuals of the internet rally behind our girl Yona immediately. After all, she’s practically a bicon herself. Just look at those earrings. A straight person could never.

What Is Yona of the Dawn about?

Yona of the Dawn is the story of a young princess who lives a sheltered life in the Kingdom of Kouka. However, after her father—the king—is betrayed and murdered by her childhood friend and love interest, Su-Won, Yona flees for her life. Su-Won, what were you thinking? The way to a woman’s heart is not through her father’s chest with a knife!

Yona is undaunted by Su-Won’s murder f—kboy antics, and goes on a journey to find the four legendary dragon warriors of Kouka, who are said to possess the power to help her defeat Su-Won and take back the kingdom. Along the way, she meets a swordsman named Hak who becomes her companion and protector (and maybe something more).

I’m hooked, when does season 2 drop?

Here’s the thing: we just don’t know. It’s not unheard of for anime to have years-long gaps between seasons, but for a big animation studio like Pierrot, they sure are taking their time. According to a tweet from the author, the Kumamoto earthquakes of 2016 presented an obstacle to her work, but that was years ago. Fans are still hopeful about a second season, considering there are over 34 volumes of the manga ready to be adapted. However, sites like Anime Next Season are skeptical of a season 2 release, considering that the anime had low merch sales and the show’s social media sites have stopped promotion. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

And if you really want to see another season of Yona of the Dawn, buy the manga. It helps support our dear Yona in her quest for justice.

(featured image: Pierrot)

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