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Will ‘The Last of Us’ Return for Season 2?

Ellie looking up and seeing someone watching them in the last of us

We already told you about this!

I guess you didn’t read that article. This may be your first time at the Mary Sue. If that’s the case, welcome! We’re here to provide you with answers to all of your pop-culture related questions, including the ones we’ve already answered before.

Will there be second season of The Last Of Us? Short answer: yes.


What Are You Still Doing Here?

I told you, there’s gonna be another season. Go. Run free. Rejoice. Maybe sign up for therapy because you’re gonna need it after they adapt the second season. Why’s that you ask? Oh no… you played the game right? TELL ME YOU PLAYED THE GAME. I DON’T THINK YOUR PSYCHE WILL BE ABLE TO HANDLE WHAT’S COMING NEXT IF YOU DIDN’T PLAY THE GAME.

You didn’t… did you?

Oh this is bad. This is very bad. But there’s a bright side, at least you played the first game right?


Okay, how do I put this lightly? This show is going to tear your heart out, spit on it, stomp it into the dirt, put it back inside your chest, then rip it out again. Things are gonna get BRUTAL. Season 1 of The Last of Us is going to cover the events of the first game. And those events are dark. But also beautiful? Like many of my emotions regarding The Last Of Us, it’s complicated. You will cry at the end though. I promise.

You Wanna Know What The Last of Us Season Two Will Be About?

You don’t. Really. It’s gonna get worse. Way worse. I guarantee that by the end of the first episode of Season 2 you will be a puddle on the floor. How do I know? Because the second season is going to cover the events of the second game. I’ve played the second game, and something traumatizing happens in the very beginning of the game that informs the plot of the rest of the game. No spoilers, but think of it this way: for all the darkness and brutality present in season one, the theme of the first game is love. Love and the things we do to keep it. The second game? Oh baby the second game is all about hate. Hate and the things we do in response to our hatred. Needless to say, if you think season one has been ugly so far, you are quite literally in for a world of hurt when season 2 comes out. When will that be, you ask? Well considering that season 1 took about a year to make, it’s likely that season 2 will drop in 2024 or 2025. HBO is throwing all its resources at this thing, but you can’t rush genius as they say. As for the cast? It’s likely that some of them will return. After all, the second game takes place after a time jump. It’s possible that some of the younger cast members of the show will be swapped out for older actors, but considering they convincingly aged Pedro Pascal 20 years over season 1 it’s possible that the actors will stay.

Hopefully they do, because we’ve come to care about them. Which means that season 2 is gonna hurt. A lot.

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