Satoru Goja, Megum Fushiguro, and Yuji Itadori pictured in front of a creepy, fleshy mass from "Jujutsu Kaisen"

Will ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Return for Season 3?

If there isn’t another season of Jujutsu Kaisen, someone is getting cursed. Seriously. If season 3 isn’t announced I will funnel my rage and disappointment into a maelstrom of negative energy and become a cursed spirit. Then I am going to haunt the studio until a new season is announced. They can’t seriously expect me to READ Jujutsu Kaisen. That would require me getting off the sofa and going to one of those book houses. What are they called? “Libraries”? Why would I want to go somewhere that books live? That sounds boring.

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I suppose instead I could watch shows that are SIMILAR to Jujutsu Kaisen, but that would feel like taking a new lover while mine is away on a work trip. Or demon hunting mission. Or whatever people do when they skip town without telling you why. It just wouldn’t feel right.

So have the creators responded to my threats?

Considering the two-year gap between the season 1 finale in 2021 and the start of season 2 in 2023, another two-year gap between seasons was to be expected. What is NOT expected is my vengeful ghost popping through the wall of MAPPA studio, rattling my chains until the executives announced a season 3. And it worked! We were just given a shiny, brand new trailer! Peel up your Satoru Gojo blindfold and look!

What will season 3 be about?

*Ahem* well if you’ve read the manga (I haven’t) you would know that season 3 is going to focus on the “Culling Game Arc”. What’s the Culling Game Arc? To understand that, we’ll need to drive back in to the ending of season 2! Prepare to be retraumatized!

Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen focused almost exclusively on the Shibuya Incident, an act of spiritual terrorism waged against the citizens of Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood by Kenjaku – one of the series’ most baddest bad guys. After scores of people die (including a few fan favorite characters) Yuji Itadori and Kenjaku face off in one of the series’ biggest showdowns. Despite his best efforts, Yuji was not able to defeat Kenjaku, allowing the later to begin the second phase of his Big Evil Plan: the Culling Game.

What’s the Culling Game? Manga fans know that the Culling Game is essentially a battle royale orchestrated by Kenjaku in order to evolve humanity using cursed energy. By turning Japan into one massive battlefield, Kenjaku intends to pit the nation’s citizens against one another until only the strongest are left. This will ensure that the future belongs to only the most powerful and capable cursed energy users. It’s basically some Hunger Games biz with some Viltrumite customs from Invincible mixed in… and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

(featured image: MAPPA)

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