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Things We Saw Today: Will Friedle Brings Back Iconic Boy Meets World Character to Give Us All Joy


Will Friedle in BMW

Will Friedle has one of the most interesting careers from voicing both Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible and Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond, he become one of the most compelling and fun voice actors. But he also has great live-action comedic chops as seen in Boy Meets World as Eric Matthews. He joins many celebrities in producing some high-quality internet content by reviving the character Plays With Squirrels.


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Plays With is just wrapping up his first ever episode and taking over Will’s @cameo account for a week! If you want a personal PWS message…just give him a shout out!

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Nothing but respect for my Batman. On “Hey, It’s Me, Plays With Squirrels” you get Friedle just being fun and engaging on Instagram. This is already a delightful experience, but I think he could take it one step further and start interview characters he provided the voice of, as Plays With Squirrels. It is the kind of talking to yourself content that I think we would all enjoy at the moment and honestly, any distraction from what is going on.

Plus, “If giving away all your worldly possessions, renouncing society, and learning how to purify and drink your own urine is insane, then yes … color me insane.” Preach.

(image: Disney)

  • Contagion writer Scott Z. Burns’ National Anthem, a musical anthology series, has been greenlit. (via Collider)
  • You can now watch all the episodes of Star Trek: Picard without a CBS All-Access membership! (via EW)
  • Helen Lewis for The Atlantic breaks down how pandemics affect men and women differently, especially with it comes to child care. (via The Atlantic)
  • One of the best Honest Trailers yet.
  • Someone had already figured out a way to create infinite items on Animal Crossing for all of you out there who don’t want to grind all the time. (via Kotaku)
  • Seth Meyers attacks Donald Trump from the safety of his apartment, but it still hits the same. (via EW)

What did you see today?

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