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Knock-Off Wii Controller Makes a Good DIY Shutter Release

Sometimes making something to solve your problems is just more fun than buying something. At least, I assume so: I can’t make anything. Duncan Murdock can though, and did, when he turned an average, otherwise pretty worthless knock-off Wii nunchuck into a remote shutter release for his new DSLR, a Christmas gift. All it took was replacing the nunchuck’s original cable with an old telephone wire — telephones used to have wires — soldered the wire to the nunchuck’s board and slapped a 2.5mm plug on the other end. Bam.

Duncan explains on his Flickr how he configured both the buttons, C to auto-adjust, and Z to fire the shutter. I don’t have any use for a remote shutter release myself, but the idea of a random button on a wire just appeals to me somehow. Yeah, wireless is cool, but there’s something quaint and old timey about a wired button. Somebody should create a wired version of the Wiimote too. Granted, there’s already the danger of accidentally throwing it, but the danger of accidentally strangling yourself just makes everything more fun.

(via Hack a Day)

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