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Wicket the Ewok Is Coming Back in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Whether You Like It or Not

Yub Nub, Ewok haters.


Lots of Star Wars fans hate marketing-friendly Ewoks from Return of the Jedi with a passion (related: lots of Star Wars fans apparently hate everything that is good in life) and were likely holding out hope that Warwick Davis’ return in The Force Awakens didn’t necessarily mean that Ewoks would be back. But they’re about to be disappointed: new promotional materials indicate that Davis will reprise his role of Wicket the Ewok.

In a press book handed out on the Japanese press tour for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars sequel, Warwick Davis’ character name for episode VII is listed as Wicket, according to Making Star Wars. That’s not entirely surprising, as the trailer for The Force Awakens included a shot of a melted Darth Vader mask, so a visit to the Ewok’s home on the forest moon of Endor at some point in the film—even if in a flashback—where that melting took place already seemed pretty likely.

Of course, there’s still an outside chance that the character name listing was an assumption or error on the part of whoever put that pamphlet together, but it seems highly likely at this point that Ewoks are coming back. Won’t you join me in singing the Yub Nub song in celebration?


Pictured: How Ewok haters feel right now.

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