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We’ll Be Saying ‘Hello, You’ Again in a Few Short Weeks

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Joe Goldberg with razor wire in You s4

Frustration can likely be heard far and wide regarding Netflix series releasing their shows in parts. It’s not a new strategy for the platform because even the Fear Street film trilogy was released over the span of a few weeks, as well as Stranger Things 4 being released in two separate parts.

Despite how previous seasons of You were released in one fell swoop, Season 4 is taking a different approach to its release schedule. The first five episodes of this incredibly polarizing season dropped on February 9th and left fans hanging a little bit. The biggest question you might have is why did Netflix decide to release this season in two parts? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Why didn’t Netflix drop all the Episodes of You at once?

Netflix loves to pump up its most popular content more than anything else. Why? Money.

Streaming platforms have caught wind of how shows stay on our minds when we get them in spurts. The fact of the matter is that sometimes the best strategy is to keep fans wanting more. Releasing everything in one go sometimes causes the hype to fade out and that’s not as lucrative.

Stranger Things 4 got a two-part release and people were talking about part one for weeks after it came out. The same thing is happening for You Season 4 and, even if some of the comments aren’t positive about the season, talk is still happening on social media. Not to mention the teasing of Love (Victoria Pedretti) returning as an obvious hallucination (or flashback?). Ultimately, it comes down to cash-grabbing motivations and Netflix being smart.

The longer people wait for fresh episodes, the longer they will need to keep up their subscriptions. Plus, the more they talk about tantalizing cliffhangers, the more likely those hearing them talk will be to subscribe themselves.

You Season 4 Part 2 will be available to stream on March 9th and you watch Part 1 right now on Netflix.

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