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Why Is Everyone Making Fun of Leonardo DiCaprio About His Girlfriends?

You’ve maybe seen the recent explosion of jokes and comments online about Leonardo DiCaprio and the women that he dates and asked yourself, “why does anyone care?” Well, the answer is simply because it’s getting weird! DiCaprio, who is known for his storied filmography and performances, tends to only date younger women. This isn’t all too surprising (not all Hollywood men can be as fabulous as Keanu Reeves), but the older DiCaprio gets, the stranger and more uncomfortable it is that his girlfriends stay the same age. There appears, in fact, to be an age cut-off point. He has not publicly dated a woman over the age of 25. While many of us know DiCaprio best from properties made decades ago and may picture him as young in our heads, the actor is now 47.

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So when news broke that DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone split up, my first gut reaction was “what, did she turn 26?” And somehow, it’s worse! She is, once again, just 25 years old and the two have been together for four years. This most recent breakup has prompted the internet into poking fun and eye-rolling at the fact that Leo keeps getting aging but, in the words of Taylor Swift, “I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age.”

The break-up didn’t necessarily usher in tweets of support for either party, though there was plenty of deserved commentary on DiCaprio apparently exiting the scene “once his girlfriend’s brain finishes development.” Many on Twitter began to, once again, highlight that it’s weird and telling how frequently DiCaprio’s relationships end when his girlfriend hits 25 years old. From 2005-2010, DiCaprio dated model Bar Refaeli and the two broke up when she turned 25 years old. At the time, DiCaprio was 35.

If only then we knew that it would go on to happen three more times (the fourth in total being his most recent split with Morrone).


This has happened enough that it isn’t that surprising that people online are noticing and even memeing the “Leo Cap Age.” It also feels especially eye-raising the older DiCaprio gets. In three years, he’ll be 50, or double the age of his apparent cut-off for eligible women.

Hitting the Leo age limit

To set the scene for how long this particular “bit” has been going on, when I turned 25 years old (5 years ago), even I knew that I was now out of Leo’s age range. It’s been a joke online for quite a while now, but it’s still head-shaking and kind of jaw-dropping that Leo just … keeps … doing this. It also feels increasingly unfunny as the pattern continues.

Quite a few people began commenting about his girlfriends now being able to rent cars.

For context for non-Americans, you have to be 25 years old to rent a car here, and so that means that few of DiCaprio’s girlfriends could reserve their own car while they were dating the actor.

While Twitter’s clearly been having a field day with memes and commentary, this “bit” that DiCaprio appears committed to is getting … old. Unlike, it seems all too certain, his next paramour.

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