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What Has Gotten Into Republicans’ Water Supply This Week?

This week Republicans are trying to use their fists instead of their words to solve problems. In three separate instances, Republicans have tried to resort to physical violence to show what good leaders they are.

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Since the 2020 election, the GOP has been touting all the things they would get done if they were in charge. After the 2022 election gave them a majority in the House of Representatives, they have gotten their shot. Only things aren’t going so well. It took them a record number of votes in January to pick a Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, only to recall him last month.

Republicans haven’t been able to get much of anything done except to cause scenes wherever they go. With the threat of another government shutdown looming at the end of this week, Republicans are feeling the pressure. It’s on them to take care of business. Yet Republicans in the House and Senate are using threats of violence instead of talking things through like adults. There have been at least three separate instances this week of these elected officials acting like complete children.

Sen. Markwayne Mullin goes after hearing witness

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions held a hearing to discuss corporate greed. Teamster leader Sean O’Brien attended the hearing as a witness to the challenges unions currently face. Senator Markwayne Mullin decided it was the appropriate time (it wasn’t) to bring up past incidents where O’Brien’s tweets enraged Mullin. Mullin couldn’t handle that O’Brien had questioned his tough guy act and claims of being a self-made businessman.

To prove he was the bigger man (he wasn’t), Mullin challenged O’Brien to a fistfight right there in the committee chambers. Mullin told O’Brien to “stand your butt up” and hit him. Senator Bernie Sanders, the chairman of the committee, stepped in to remind Mullin that he was a senator and should act like one.

When has it become acceptable for personal beefs to be aired in a place of government? Taxpayers financed Mullin’s little meltdown. O’Brien, and others, were at the hearing for help against corporate bullies only to have Mullin try and bully him. No one in the chamber seemed intimidated by Mullin’s little act. He came off more like he needed a juice box and a nap.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy allegedly hit Rep. Tim Burchett

Several witnesses claim to have seen fired Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy hit fellow Republican Rep. Tim Burchett. Burchett alleges while a reporter from NPR interviewed him, McCarthy came up behind him and elbowed him in the back near his kidneys. Claudia Grisales with NPR detailed the account on Twitter/X.

Burchett went after McCarthy, saying, “McCarthy is a bully with 17 million dollars and a security detail.” McCarthy denies any wrongdoing—and used more threatening rhetoric to get that point across—telling reporters “If I’d kidney punched him, he’d be on the ground.” Way to act like an adult, McCarthy.

Rep. James Comer name-calling Rep. Jared Moskowitz

Rep. Jared Moskowitz asked Rep. James Comer about his financial dealings during a hearing Tuesday. Comer has made claims to the press about President Biden’s business dealings with his brother. Moskowitz raised questions about taxes and other business financials in the companies Comer and his brother own. Instead of calmly answering the allegations, Comer blew up at Moskowitz.

Using non-professional language, Comer called Moskowitz’s accusations “bullshit” and said only “dumb” and “illiterate” people would think he had a shell company to evade taxes. Comer also said Moskowitz “looked like a Smurf,” presumably a less-than-creative jab at his decision to pair a blue suit with a blue tie. As Moskowitz continued to ask questions as to why it bothered Comer so much, Comer called Moskowitz a liar. Comer seems mighty upset about something that he claims is untrue. Like we teach young children, maybe Comer needs to take a deep breath and calm down before he speaks.

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