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So You Forgot About Pedro Pascal in ‘Game of Thrones’…

Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones

One of the most searched topics after the success of The Last of Us has been frustrating. The question on everyone’s mind is, apparently, who did Pedro Pascal play in Game of Thrones? To be fair, it’s been a while. But to that point, his character changed my life so I cannot exactly understand how one simply forgets who Oberyn Martell is.

The Red Viper himself, Pascal brought Oberyn to life in season 4 of the series and as someone who loved Robb Stark (Richard Madden) most of all, I found my new love in Oberyn. (Yes, I am aware, I sure do know how to pick a love in the world of Westeros.) Even though it was just one season, fans loved Oberyn and still to this day talk about his arc in both the books as well as in the series.

So having this search be that popular is … well, concerning. Is this for people who haven’t watched the show and want to know more? Is this people who just … didn’t realize that that was THE Pedro Pascal? What exactly is spurring these search results on?

But first, let’s talk about who Oberyn is. Spoilers ahead for season 4 of Game of Thrones that came out when I was in college back in 2014 so … I guess be wary?

Who is Oberyn Martell?

hot oberyn martell in game of thrones

The Red Viper was the prince of Dorne and a man who came to Westeros on his own quest for revenge. His sister was murdered in King’s Landing and he came for her honor and it was there in King’s Landing that he knew he would take his last stand.

As a young college gal who just watched Robb Stark die, I was weary of falling in love with another character but when Oberyn strutted onto the screen, I fell in love. I went into school the next day and said as much until some boy in the theatre department loudly said to me, “You know what happens to him, right?” and thus my anger over loving any character from Game of Thrones was born.

But you might not now any of this and that could be why you were googling!

Maybe you haven’t seen Game of Thrones

If you were not on the internet during the Game of Thrones days or you are simply not that online, you may have missed the series. Which would mean that this search is just for the knowledge and for those going through Pascal’s work. That I would respect. You want to see more of my favorite boy and I understand that desire. Good for you.

I don’t know how exactly you’ve made it this far into the 21st century without someone explaining the whole series to you but I guess good job? But this feels more like a search term for those who have seen the show and simply forgot about him and that’s … upsetting to me, an Oberyn girlie.

How could you forget about Oberyn?!

oberyn Ellaria gif

Maybe it is because I truly and honestly stopped watching the show for a long time when I learned my new hottie was going to die but Oberyn Martell came to Westeros in season 4 and threw all of us for a loop and made us question whether or not we wanted to go to Winterfell or to Dorne. Everyone in Dorne is pretty and as a fan of House Stark, I might still give it all up for Oberyn.

But my problem is that many people seem to have forgotten who he played? The question has been coming up because both Pascal and The Last of Us co-star Bella Ramsey were on Game of Thrones (where Ramsey played Lady Lyanna Mormont). And while she is iconic, she’s not as big of a name as Pascal has become with things like The Mandalorian. But still, fans seem to remember Lady Mormont but not Pascal as Oberyn and I would like to have a word.

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