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‘House of the Dragon’ Just Introduced One of the Most Polarizing Characters From the Books

As tension soars high in House of the Dragon among the Greens and the Blacks with a war imminent, both factions will be looking to reinforce their troops before facing each other on the battlefield.

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Season 2, episode 2, “Rhaenyra the Cruel,” was filled with instances of both groups discussing which houses they can rope in and consider allies, sending ravens in hopes of outnumbering their rivals in terms of support. Speaking of allies, the second episode featured a character that was seen for the first time in the series and will likely go on to have a major influence in the Targaryen conflict.

Spoilers for House of the Dragon’s source material, and the series’ future, ahead!

The character is Ulf, popularly known as Ulf the White in the source material, due to his completely white locks. Known for his penchant for drinking, Ulf resided on Dragonstone and was recruited by Jacaerys Velaryon as one of the dragonseeds. Ulf was enlisted with three other dragonseeds—Nettles, Hugh Hammer, and Addam Velaryon—to bolster the number of dragonriders in the Blacks’ camp.

Ulf was able to mount and command Silverwing, a docile shedragon who was earlier ridden by Queen Alyssane Targaryen. Ulf and the other dragonseeds went on to play a critical role in the Battle of the Gullet, which could potentially be part of the show in one of the upcoming episodes. The battle ended on a sorry note for the Blacks, as Jacaerys met his end and young Prince Viserys was held captive by the enemy.

After the fall of King’s Landing, Ulf the White is rewarded with land on Driftmark and the title of knight by Rhaenyra. However, after being denied ownership of Storm’s End by Rhaenyra despite Daemon Targaryen’s insistence, Ulf backstabs the Blacks along with Hugh Hammer when the duo defects to the Greens during the First Battle of Tumbleton. As a result, the Blacks suffer a massive defeat, and Ulf and Hugh become known as “Two Betrayers” from that point onward.

Following a brief stint with the Greens, Ulf the White dies an unremarkable death when his wine is poisoned by Ser Robert Hightower.

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