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Donald Glover Is Finally Starring in a Spider-Man-Adjacent Movie!

Donald Glover as Uncle Aaron in Spider-Man: Homecoming

In very exciting news, Donald Glover is finally getting a Spider-Man movie! Well, sort of. He’s joining the ranks of Sony’s Spider-Man villains in their own movies and bringing us a movie about Hypno-Hustler, which will be produced by Glover and written by Myles Murphy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Sony has been creating their own gallery of Spider-Man villains and other Spidey heroes in their own movies, starting with Venom and continuing on with movies like Morbius, the upcoming Madame Web, the announced Olivia Wilde movie, and the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse franchise. But as we continue to get more and more of these stories about Spidey’s villains, the more the universe is growing without having its own Spider-Man to lead it. Still, Glover joining the ranks of the Sony universe is fun.

This is exciting for a number of reasons and mainly because of how long we’ve waited for Donald Glover to tackle a Spider-Man movie.

Donald Glover’s history with Spider-Man

Back when Glover was on Community, fans started to dreamcast him as Spider-Man, and the fan casting led to the creation of Miles Morales. Yes, you read that right. Miles Morales was based on Glover, according to co-creator Brian Michael Bendis, and for years we hoped he’d get his own spot in a Spider-Man story. He did, luckily, show up in Spider-Man: Homecoming as what we can assume was their nod to Uncle Aaron from the Miles Morales comics, because he mentioned his nephew and was labeled as Aaron Davis online.

It was the nod that made many of us hopeful that we’d see Miles in the future of the MCU and while that still could happen, this new move for Glover is just what he deserves after all these years of conversation.

Typically labeled one of Spider-Man’s worst villains, the Hypno-Hustler is going to work for Glover is because he can, essentially, have a clean slate and create the character in whatever way that Glover wants. And I don’t know, I think it’d be really cool if this were also a movie where Miles Morales were his Spider-Man! But anyway, let’s talk a bit about who Hypno-Hustler is.

Who is Hypno-Hustler?

Hypno-Hustler comic
(Marvel Comics)

A singer and the lead of Mercy Killers, Antoine Delsoin goes by the stage name Hypno-Hustler and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, his connection to music is what attracted Glover to the character despite the bad rap Hypno-Hustler gets. He uses his equipment to hypnotize audiences and steal from them, which is how he gets on Peter Parker’s radar when Peter goes to the club where the Mercy Killers are singing.

He can basically just hypnotize people and uses his music and equipment to do it, so there’s a lot that can be adapted for a movie, and since he does have a negative label already to him, attaching Glover and letting him work with Murphy to make this character their own is the smart move.

This is such an exciting move and it’s a long time coming, but man, Donald Glover starring in a Spider-Man movie is a dream come true.

(featured image: Sony Pictures)

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