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Who Is Luffy’s Mom In ‘One Piece’?

And does she got it goin’ on?

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The former question I can answer, the latter is a matter of personal taste. I don’t know why you want to know who Luffy’s mom is, but I’m pretty sure that’s related to the second question. You want to know if she can join the ranks of these hot anime moms, don’t you? Or maybe you want her to be your new mom because your current one doesn’t love you? Maybe you want to kill two birds with one stone. I’m not here to judge you (at least to to your face). I’m here to answer your question.

So here goes.

Who the #$^% is Luffy’s mom?

So far, One Piece hasn’t given us much on Luffy’s biological mother. We know who is dad is, Monkey D. Dragon, but that’s only part of the parental puzzle. Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of The Revolutionary Army, a powerful military organization hellbent on overthrowing the world government. Daddy Dragon spends his days sailing around globe on a his revolutionary quest, and he probably docked his ship in a lot of ports, if you catch my drift. Luffy’s mother is likely a woman from the Goa Kingdom, the remote province in the East Blue Sea where Luffy was born. When we first see Luffy, he’s living with his grandad Monkey D. Garp. Not a word is spoken about Luffy’s mom, and odds are, there never will be.

So that’s it? No mom for Luffy?

Well, yes and no. While we don’t know who Luffy’s biological mother is, we do know who his foster mother is. After spending the early part of his life with his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp entrusted a woman named Curly Dadan to take care of Luffy. This is also how Luffy met his foster brother Portgas D. Ace, as Ace was also in Curly Dadan’s care. Luffy and his foster mother have a loving relationship, and One Piece’s creator Eiichiro Oda expects us to be happy with that.

What does Oda have against moms, anyway?

Nothing at all. Daddy Oda isn’t trying to deny you a hot anime mom to love and take care of you (even if that’s how it feels). He just thinks that moms don’t make for good stories. In an SBS with fans (a Japanese acronym that translates to “I am taking questions”), Oda told fans that he has separated many of his characters from their mothers because he believes that “‘mother’ is the opposite of ‘adventure.'”

Or maybe he just didn’t like his mom? We may never know.

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