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These Are the 5 Strongest Anime Moms (Who Could Totally Beat You Up)

First rule of Anime Mom Fight Club, we don't talk about Anime Mom Fight Club

Here at The Mary Sue, we’ve already talked about the most overpowered anime characters and our favorite moms, but it’s taken us a little time to realize that we needed to create dialogue combining the two concepts. It’s the moment we answer the age-old middle schooler question: whose mom could beat up whose?

‘Tis a question of profound philosophical meaning to an 11-year-old, but also us, and we’re here to answer it. Here is a list of the most powerful anime moms—who could take on any other mom in a fight. These moms could even beat up your mom. No way? YES, WAY.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

(image credit: Pierrot)

Here’s the thing about Kaguya Otsutsuki, she’s not only capable of easily smacking your mom around, she can wipe the floor with every other character in the Naruto universe. That includes Itachi, Might Guy, and Madara Uchiha. The woman is the most powerful character in Naruto, bar none. Where did she get these awesome powers? It’s complicated.

Kaguya Otsutski comes from a clan of spacefaring celestial beings who travel the cosmos cultivating worlds. They do this in order to consume the energy of the planets they tend so they can achieve godhood. The beings travel in pairs to individual planets and plant something called a God Tree (in order to harvest and eat the chakra fruit it grows). But the thing about God Trees is that they can’t grow without a sacrifice, so the lower ranking member of the pair is basically fed to the God Tree. And who was the lower-ranking member of the pair sent to cultivate a God Tree on Earth? That’s right, Kaguya. However, Kaguya ended up having different plans. She betrayed her clan and ate the fruit of the God Tree herself, turning her into a being of unimaginable power. She was the first person on Earth ever to wield chakara, and is capable of producing a devastating array of ninjustu without making hand signs. She’s also said to be immortal and can easily shrug off damage that would kill a human being. She is also lightning fast and is able to fend off a 360-degree assault from Naruto’s shadow clones without breaking a sweat. She also has three eyes. Two of her eyes possess the Byakugan, and allow her to see in every direction at once, and her third eye possesses the Rinne Sharingan, allowing her to use famously devastating attacks (such as Infinite Tsukoyomi). This mom could beat your mom, all of the moms of the Naruto universe, and potentially every mom on this list.

Izumi Curtis

(image credit: bones)

Izumi was a mother only for a moment, but a mother all the same. In a gut-wrenching turn of events that make me want to cry as I write this, Izumi’s baby died in childbirth. Shattered by grief, Izumi committed the cardinal sin of alchemy and tried to resurrect her child. The result was an abomination that had to be destroyed. Nevertheless, she acts as a surrogate mother to Edward and Alphonse Elric throughout the series and was responsible for teaching them martial arts and alchemy. A master alchemist and martial artist, the boys could not have found a teacher finer than Izumi. She’s able to kick the crap out of both villains Greed and Sloth, who are not even human mind you, all the while wearing open-toed sandals.

Lisa Lisa

(image credit: David Production)

Another unstoppable anime mom, Lisa Lisa is a force to be reckoned with. She is (spoiler alert) Joseph Joestar’s mom after all, so badassery runs in the family. She is a master of the Ripple technique, which allows users to channel enormous amounts of energy through their limbs (through controlled breathing techniques). This energy is similar to sunlight in nature and can be used to destroy the undead. Lisa Lisa’s Ripple is said to be at least three times more powerful than that of Joseph’s. She is also a master martial artist and fearlessly held her own against a group of vampire-like super-beings known as the Pillar Men. She is responsible for creating Joseph’s brutal martial training curriculum, which nearly kills him multiple times. It’s called tough love, Jojo, get used to it.


(image credit: Studio Ghibli

Think your mom is fierce? Moro could eat your mom for breakfast. How do I know? Because she’s a giant 300-year-old wolf goddess! In the world of Princess Mononoke, she is the leader of the Wolf Tribe and surrogate mother to a human girl, San. She is ferocious, cunning, and wise to the tricks of humankind. She’s also basically unkillable. She was shot in the chest with a bullet the size of a golf ball during a fight with the humans, and just, carries it around inside her. She is also able to briefly survive decapitation, and her disembodied head is able to bite off the arm of her arch nemesis Lady Eboshi before finally succumbing to death. Your mom may have some bite to her, but Moro’s fangs are as long as a human forearm, and she’s got a mouthful of them.

Ragyo Kiryiun

(image credit: studio trigger)

Ragyo Kiryuin is certainly one of the strongest moms on this list, and by far the most evil. Mother to the two series protagonists of Kill La Kill, Ragyo is also the main antagonist of the series, and serves as a nigh-unbeatable opponent to her two daughters. Her body is made up of an enormous amount of Life Fibers, string-like alien beings that enhance human abilities. She possesses unparalleled physical strength, and is able to break a sword specifically designed cutting life fibers with her bare fist. She also possesses superhuman speed and durability, and is able to fend off attacks from her super powered daughters with ease. If that wasn’t bad enough, she is also capable of mind control, and is able to sew Life Fibers into the brains of her victims and control their thoughts and actions. She’s a seriously fucked up character, and I wouldn’t wish her on the mom of my worst enemy.

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