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Who Is Damian Wayne? Damian Wayne, Explained

Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) and his son Damian Wayne as Robin in DC Comics

On January 31, James Gunn unveiled several projects that are in development in the DC Universe. Gunn and Peter Safran were instated as the new co-CEOs of the DCU in November 2022, and have begun mapping out a 10-year plan for the universe. Chapter 1 of the new DCU, which will be titled Gods and Monsters, will kick off after the premiere of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Of the many exciting TV shows and films that will be part of that chapter, there’s one particularly interesting live-action film: The Brave and the Bold.

Gunn confirmed The Brave and the Bold will introduce the DCU’s new Batman. However, perhaps even more exciting, it will also introduce the DCU’s very first Robin. This iteration of Robin will be Damian Wayne, the only Robin who was also the biological son of Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman). Gunn didn’t reveal many details about the film, but did tease that it will mark the beginning of the Bat Family in the DCU. While several Robins have appeared in TV/film adaptions, The Brave and the Bold will mark Damian’s live-action debut.

Of course, while everyone is excited that a Batman and Robin story is finally coming to the DCU, Damian’s and Wayne’s relationship is a little different than typical portrayals of Batman and his sidekick. One thing that will change the dynamic is the fact that Damian is the actual son of Batman, whom he didn’t know existed for many years. There’s also the fact that Damian is a bit of a dark character who was literally born and raised to kill, making him a far more lethal Robin than we’re accustomed to. Here’s everything to know about Batman’s son Damian.

Who is Damian Wayne?

Damian Wayne and Batman Bruce Wayne
(DC Comics)

Damian is the son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul, and grandson of Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins. He has two different origins due to his initial story being retconned. Damian was first introduced in 1987 in Batman: Son of the Demon. The story sees Bruce agree to aid Talia and Ra’s in avenging the murder of Talia’s mother. During the mission, Talia becomes pregnant with Bruce’s son. However, she later lies to him that she miscarried and leaves the baby at an orphanage. That story was retconned in 2006 in “Batman and Son,” where it was revealed that Talia actually kept and raised Damian on her own. This storyline also changed the manner in which Damian was conceived and suggested that Talia had drugged and raped Bruce, though this dark storyline was also later retconned.

While his origin has been disputed, it is now accepted that Damian was raised by Talia and the League of Assassins. His mother even artificially aged him as a sort of shortcut to begin his training. As a result, he was raised quite harshly in the League of Assassins and became a skilled killer at a very young age. It has been hinted that Talia was abusive to Damian during his formative years. He was certainly raised in a brutal, violent environment with no love or nurturing. However, this changed when he was around 8 – 10 years of age and Talia decided to reveal to Batman that Damian was his son.

Talia left Damian in Batman’s care, leaving him to raise the son he hadn’t known he had. Meanwhile, Damian’s upbringing made him brash, arrogant, and a remorseless killer who went against Batman’s code to never kill. Upon meeting Batman, he became jealous of Batman’s current Robin, Tim Drake, and nearly beat him to death, sparking a long-lasting feud between the two. While he was quite a brutal youngster, he desired to replace Tim as Robin and genuinely wanted to prove himself as Batman’s one true son.

Damian Wayne explained

Damian Wayne running near green smoke

Damian did end up becoming Robin, and was the fourth character granted the hero’s mantle. Sadly, he was only Robin under his father for a short period before Bruce was seemingly killed. This resulted in Dick Grayson taking on the mantle of Batman and, surprisingly, choosing Damian as his Robin. This only furthered the animosity between Damian and Tim. Meanwhile, it took Damian quite a while to take his mantle as Robin seriously under Grayson, especially because Talia or Ra’s would pop up every now and then to challenge Damian and to express ire at his relations with the Bat Family.

However, eventually, Bruce’s Batman returned, and Damian became his Robin, as well. The duo had some hardships, with Damian at times growing distant from Batman and Batman worrying about his son’s morality. Despite their unlikely partnership, the two do form a special bond and care very much for each other. At times, Batman sought to protect Damian, even sometimes hiding his actions from the other Robins, and always putting forth an effort to have a relationship with his son. Meanwhile, Damian also put forth an effort to overcome his past trauma and become worthy of the mantle of Robin. They had their differences, personal traumas, and dysfunction, but made a pretty heartfelt father-and-son duo nonetheless.

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