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Who Is Cassian Searching for ‘Star Wars: Andor’?

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Andor has finally crash-landed on Disney+, and the new series takes us into the world of Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor prior to audience’s meeting him in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And the first episode sets up a quest for Cassian and sets up where he has been since leaving his home planet. We get to meet some new characters, but within the first few moments, it’s clear that Cassian is searching for someone.

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While we don’t meet them or see them in this episode, let’s talk a bit about who Cassian is searching for and his connection to them.

**Spoilers for the first episode of Star Wars: Andor lie ahead.**

cassian andor aka diego luna works that smolder in rogue one: a star wars story.

The first moment we see Cassian again, he’s searching for his sister. He goes to a brothel, where a woman from Kenari had supposedly been working, to look for her, and when the woman in charge asks him about it, he’s honest. He’s looking for his sister. Cassian, who was adopted by Maarva Andor and lives on Ferrix now, is clearly still trying to find what happened to his sister after leaving their home planet.

It’s telling that Cassian won’t give up the fight and the search for her. He cares about his family, whether it is his biological sister or his found family, and starting the show off with him looking for her is very true to what we know about him as a whole.

When did Cassian last see his sister?

Cassian is from the planet Fest, and when he ran off from her at the end of the episode, she stayed back at camp. Per Rogue One, we know that he has been in this fight since he was six years old, and the Cassian we see on Kenari does look older than that, so whether or not his separation from his sister was part of the fight that he was referring to, we don’t know for certain yet.

So he could be looking for her and not have seen her in decades, or it could be someone he’s seen more frequently. But until we know more, it’s fascinating to see how they’re playing into the themes of loyalty and family that we know exist within Cassian.

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