Report: White iPhone 4 Canceled Entirely (Update)

Not only has the wave of hope that crested in the hearts of many Apple fans when white iPhone 4s surfaced in Apple’s updated App Store app crashed after Apple announced that, oops, the white iPhone 4 won’t actually be available until next spring; now, that wave may sink into a sea of sadness, for the white iPhone 4 may never come at all.

Update, 10/28: Uh-oh: It looks like Apple has quietly pulled the white iPhone from the App Store.

According to well-connected mobile blog Boy Genius Report, Apple does not plan on releasing a white iPhone 4 at all. (Their post doesn’t address the reason for this, although the latest round of speculation has it that light is leaking into the white casing of the iPhone and worsening the performance of its camera.) Rather, BGR says, on the word of a “previous source,” that Apple is going to delay the white iPhone yet again in March or so, “leading us into an iPhone 5 release time-frame in June / July.” So: A white iPhone 5 may yet be a possibility, but the future is looking even dimmer for an Apple-made white iPhone 4.

(via BGR)

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