Kate Dickie as Dox in Loki season 2

Where You’ve Seen General Dox In ‘Loki’ Before

Loki season 2 introduces an intriguing new character: General Dox, played by Kate Dickie. If you feel like you’ve seen Dickie before, you’re probably right! She’s played several roles in films and television shows that are familiar to lots of Loki fans.

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Spoilers for Loki season 2 ahead!

In Loki, General Dox is a Time Variance Authority hardliner, sending a large squad of hunters to go after Sylvie after Sylvie kills He Who Remains. In season 2, episode 2, “Breaking Brad,” we find out that finding Sylvie isn’t Dox’s only mission. Dox has also set up a hub where she and her loyalists can bomb all the new branches of the multiverse, continuing the TVA’s former mission of preserving the Sacred Timeline and killing billions of people in the process. At the end of the episode, Dox and her hunters are arrested, but not before most of the damage is done.

Dickie brings her signature steely energy to the role, depicting Dox as ruthless and single-minded. It’s a style she’s brought to her previous roles, too.

Where you’ve seen Katie Dickie before

Dickie might be most famous for her portrayal of Lysa Arryn of the Vale in Max’s Game of Thrones. In Game of Thrones, Lysa is Catelyn’s sister, and Sansa and Aria’s aunt. When Sansa and Tyrion journey to the Vale, Lysa proves to be volatile and murderous, locking Tyrion in one of the Vale’s dreaded sky cells and almost sending Sansa falling to her death.

Kate Dickie and Sophie Turner in Game of Thrones (2011)

Dickie also appeared in The Witch, as Thomasin’s mother Katherine. As a Puritan living on an isolated homestead in New England, Katherine is paranoid about the influence of the Devil on her family—influence that she herself eventually succumbs to.

Kate Dickie as Katherine in The Witch, dressed in Puritan clothing, standing outside a cottage with Katherine's son Caleb

With a career spanning almost three decades, Dickie has also appeared numerous other films, shows, and plays, including The Northman as Halldora the Pict; The Green Knight as Queen Guinevere; Prometheus as Ford; and multiple Star Wars projects.

If you didn’t recognize Dickie in her iconic roles, you’re not alone. Dickie herself is aware that she can be a chameleon. In an interview with The Guardian, Dickie said that “I’ve had people tell me, ‘Oh, I saw a film you were in and I didn’t even realise it was you.’ That’s great because it means that you’re doing your job properly – although it’s maybe not so great for networking. But my whole thing with acting is that I’m here to tell these characters’ stories as best I can, even if they’re not at a great point in their lives. I think I’ve got one of those faces that changes with the characters I play.”

What’s next for Dox—and Dickie herself? Only time will tell.

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