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The Internet Presents Truly Impossible Choices With the Lunch Table Meme

It's so fetch.

Lacey Chabert, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried in "Mean Girls"

Even though no one particularly wants to relive high school, the latest meme trend takes us back to the days of figuring out where to sit at lunch. The meme takes fandoms, or subcultures in fandoms, and asks what lunch table you’d rather sit at based on your preferences. This ranges from favorite characters to favorite episodes, favorite songs … you name it, someone has probably already made a meme for it.

It has completely taken over Twitter—and not just Stan Twitter, either. Film Twitter, Music Twitter … all the Twitter subcultures have jumped in on it. Maybe someone should make a “where are you sitting” meme for Twitter subgroups, which would be a hard choice for those of us who switch between groups. Basically, this meme is the Mean Girls cafeteria scene come to social media life.

We’ve collected a sample of some our favorites below.

These are tough choices. What fandom do you want to eat lunch with? Personally, I’d choose which fandom would be the least likely to start a food fight over a ship or a controversial character. I feel like if I sit with the Sam and Steve fans at the Avengers table, it’ll be for the best. We can eat our sandwiches in peace and talk about how excited we are for Sam to become Cap.

Picking a favorite Austen book might seem like a challenge for some, and I know we’ll be hotly debating which TV show table to sit at for ages in comments sections and mentions on Twitter (personally, I’m heading for The Good Place table, because I think I’d get along best with Chidi).

The more choices per table, the harder it gets. It’s a low-stakes and fun way to just share your favorites, or make a fun and hard choice that goes vaguely viral in the fandom. Where would you sit for your favorite fandom? Would you be able to pick between two favorite ships? Which fandom would you most want to eat lunch with?

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