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When the Apocalypse Comes, at Least the Memes Will Be Good

An arc flash set New York blue as everyone contemplated what could have happened.

Captain America fights Thanos in Avengers Infinity War

An arc flash at the Con Edison power plant in Astoria, Queens brought on a lot of questions for New York residents. First of all, a great blue light lit up the sky over New York City, and of course, Twitter made jokes, so I guess now we know what we’d all be doing during the apocalypse.

As of right now, no one was hurt, so let’s let the humor roll.

For me, there was only one true answer as to what was going on.

Honestly, maybe it is time.

Maybe the explosion brought back the dead.

At least we know that, if we need superheroes to save the day, they’re all in Queens.

That is … if it isn’t aliens.

Maybe the next time Goku wants to make an appearance, he might go somewhere other than Astoria.

It looked kind of beautiful in the sky, but also, is this how we get real life Spider-Man? Are there radioactive spiders now?

Some jokes went to a very dark place.

What’s sad is that, whatever landed in Queens, it’s going to be trapped there, because what kind of train can you even take out of Queens?

It’s okay, though. The Ghostbusters clearly have the situation under control.

Or maybe Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson were just in Astoria.

But we all would just like to know what happened.

At the end of the day, it showed that New Yorkers truly would just accept the end of days and … that checks out.

So get your blue light glow on, and maybe Con Ed will figure out their transformers.

Congrats on making the news, Astoria!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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