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When Does Spider-Man: No Way Home Release on Digital, DVD, and Blu-ray?

Anyone else setting a calendar alert?

Spider-Man posing with smoke in the background.

Spider-Man: No Way Home blew up movie theaters in December 2021. The third installment of the official MCU (and Sony) Spider-Man films generated eye-watering record box offices all the way into the new year. Sony Pictures had been quiet on the DVD release dates, leaving fans wondering when they could watch it at home.

The film brought Tom Holland back as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Instead of fighting purse-snatchers or aliens, Parker fought for his life when his identity became public knowledge. Fearing for his family and friends, Parker sought the aid of Doctor Strange. Wanting to keep everyone safe, Peter asked Strange to erase the memory of Spider-Man’s identity from the public. However, the spell went awry and caused a rip in reality. It brought Spider-Man face to face with the multiverse and all the hazards—and new allies—that came with that territory.

When will Spider-Man: No Way Home be available for your home viewing pleasure?

Sony has officially announced the movie will be available for purchase through digital streaming platforms like Prime Video and Apple TV on March 22nd, 2022. The DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD will be available on April 12th, 2022. Here’s how you can pre-order the movie right this moment.

So, about that multiverse …

Recently Disney+ has been building up the epic multiverse with their Marvel shows. Loki and What If…? showed fans different timelines and how those differences altered familiar heroes. Even the smallest changes could make a variant completely different from the original person. Similarly, No Way Home brought villains from alternate timelines (the previous Sony Spider-Man films) to this Parker’s New York. For long-time comic book fans, the multiverse opens doorways for many other fan-favorite characters to enter the MCU. Plus, it helps make sense of the many timelines created by various studios’ past films. There is a home for everyone in the multiverse.

And, no matter what universe it is, only J.K. Simmons can play J. Jonah Jameson.

Admittedly, I’m one of the ten people in the universe who didn’t see it yet, waiting until I could see it away from a theater. So if you are anything like me, you may be extra excited about the coming home release.

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