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Buy Firefly Fund Shut Down (Officially)

Officially Official


Hey, it’s Unofficial Firefly Day here at The Mary Sue! Heh, no it’s not. But what seems to be actually unofficial is the campaign to resurrect the prematurely canceled Joss Whedon show Firefly. Via Twitter, a source close to the show said that no one in the Whedonverse was behind the petition¬†Help Nathan Buy Firefly. I know one guy who is going to be more heartbroken than he was before he read about this …

For a little context, Firefly star Nathan Fillion tweeted a while back that if given the chance, he would buy the rights to Firefly and get the show back on the air. In response, a 100% fan-supported effort was formed called Help Nathan Buy Firefly. But earlier this week, Maurissa Tancharoen, a writer for Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (as well as Whedon’s sister-in-law), Tweeted that the effort was not receiving any official support from Whedon and Co.:

To avoid sounding so abrupt, Tancharoen added that no one was against the show itself or wanted to “crush dreams,” but since people were pledging actual money to bring back a show that Joss Whedon had no intention of bringing back, it had to be said by someone in the know that no one actually involved with the show was involved with the the campaign. The folks behind Help Nathan Buy Firefly have gotten the message, and shuttered their site.

As they said, “that’s that then.” Sorry to say, but Help Nathan Buy Firefly is officially not a Firefly comeback.


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