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What’s the Difference Between Stargirl and …Stargirl?

We're seeing double.


It’s a tale of two Stargirls in this peek TV world with new streaming titles from both DC Universe and Disney of the same name. It’s confusing, but one you dig in, the two properties could not be more different and only one of them has us actually excited.

First we’ll go with the less exciting Stargirl, the one from Disney+. I guess it’s called Stargirl because Manic Pixie Dream Stargirl wouldn’t fit well in a tweet.

So, this movie (not a series), is about a special, “unique” girl who is actually named “Stargirl” (singer Grace VanderWaal) who for some reason falls for a boy (Graham Verchere) who wants to disappear and of course changes him and the whole town. I know this isn’t a movie meant for me, as I am no a teenager or pre-teen but ooof, do I not like this. We were over this “quirky girl saves a mediocre guy from mediocrity” trope a long time ago, but I guess it’s too iconic to pass up?

This looks cliche and bland in every way, though I am glad to see Gian Carlo Esposito there (and not being evil!). Also, since this gives me Bridge to Teribithia and Garden State vibes I’m completely ready for this Stargirl to be dead or terminally ill by the end of the movie, but that’s just speculation.

Our other Stargirl is almost the entire opposite.

Like Disney’s Stargirl it starts with some flashback and a move to a new town but our hero here is a teen girl, Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) but this Stargirl is a superhero who inherits the “cosmic staff” and along with her dad (Luke Wilson) she does all the normal superhero stuff. Including becoming part of the Justice Society of America.

This one is actually based on the DC comics heroine of the same name created by Geoff Johns and will air both on the DC Universe app and then on the CW and the CW app. It’s an interesting combo, but so far the DC universe shows and CW shows have ranged from fine to great so we’ll definitely be giving this a watch when it hits.

And I guess the DC Stargirl showed up in the final minutes of Crisis on Infinite Earths, that means the Disney version is just another Earth? Can’t wait for the crossover.

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