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Vampires, Van Helsing, Ghosts, and a Zombie, Oh My! What We Do in the Shadows Is Back, Baby!


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**Spoilers for the first two episodes of season two of What We Do In The Shadows lie within.**

Our favorite Long Island vampires are back! And this time, they turned Haley Joel Osment into the living dead … so can he see himself? The show, which is based on the 2014 film titled … well … What We Do in the Shadows, follows the story of Nadja, Laszlo, Nandor, and their familiar, Guillermo. Colin is there, but we don’t talk about Colin (he’s a vampire who feeds on the energy of people and vampires, meaning he is a daywalker and honestly the worst).

The last we saw of our favorite vamps, they were dealing with the council of vampires because they were in trouble, and Evan Rachel Wood, Wesley Snipes, and Tilda Swinton all labeled them guilty and sentenced them to burn in the sunlight.

In the premiere, titled “Resurrection,” we focus on their new familiar, Topher (Haley Joel Osment). Already knowing he’s a douche, because his name is Topher, Guillermo hates him. Topher also has no interest in becoming a vampire (which Guillermo doesn’t understand), but when he accidentally electrocutes himself, Nadja and Laszlo don’t want to give up their favorite familiar, so they take him to a necromancer named Wallace (Benedict Wong), who tries to bring him back (while obviously checking an Amber Alert on his phone).

And that’s where the zombie comes in. Topher is, obviously, not well, and is sleeping under Guillermo’s bed and trying to eat him. Eventually, the rest of the vampires recognize that he’s not the same and listen to Guillermo. (Well, sort of. Nandor just kills Topher multiple times before they all take him back to the necromancer to fix him.)

This is all while Guillermo continues to kill vampires who are coming to the house to kill Laszlo, Nandor, and Nadja because they escaped the council’s ruling. Luckily, Guillermo’s DNA results told him that he’s a Van Helsing. He just can’t let any of the vampires know that.

The second episode, titled “Ghosts,” focuses on … uh, ghosts and how, for whatever reason, vampires do not believe in ghosts. When Laszlo thinks that Guillermo is messing with him, Nadja points out that they have ghosts. Both Laszlo and Nandor brush it off because they don’t want to believe it, and slowly, they start to learn that even their vampire selves have ghost counterparts. Laszlo’s ghost self wants to finish his climax since Nadja turned him into a vampire before he could, and Nandor needs to do something with his dead horse, John.

What I love about the show is that Nadja continues to be the most relatable character. She does not take any of the nonsense that the men in the house bring, and even in the ghost episode, she decides to let her ghost form take over a doll so the two can hang out more, since she’s constantly surrounded by men and their problems—a mood.

It’s good to see that season 2 is much like season 1 in how these three vampires interact with each other, and I like the Guillermo is still trying to navigate knowing that he is, in fact, a Van Helsing. But with zombies and ghosts around (and as Guillermo pointed out, he already met some Babadooks), what other kind of creatures are our favorites going to run into next?

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