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You Can Now Fly Luke’s Landspeeder Thanks to Radio Flyer (If You’re a Little Kid, That Is)

Radio Flyer announced this morning that they’re coming out with a (Pow-Pow-)Power Wheels-like drivable wagon for kids based on Luke Skywalker’s X-34 landspeeder in A New Hope. The commercial’s … ehhh, but the prospect of watching a bunch of little kids driving around in speeders warms my cold, dead heart.

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According to Radio Flyer, this baby runs on a 12-volt battery (rechargeable, of course, this is the future), can go either 2mph or 5mph (0-5mph in like, what, 6 seconds?), and even has a reverse function for those three-point turns you need to navigate the super complicated Tatooine desert (or your driveway or whatever). The standard package (i.e., all of them because there are no other packages) also comes with all the bells and whistles in a set of audio controls that light up and trigger Star Wars sound effects. So, you know, it’s got, like, everything, except a lightsaber.

But like, as an aside, it’s also pretty great that even a toy commercial like this can do a fun parallel of Luke picking up Obi-Wan before heading into Mos Eisley. Like, yes. That’s some attention to detail.

I should also mention: this thing’s got a pretty hefty price tag. They’ll be available exclusively at Toys-R-Us starting September 5th for $500. Ouch.

Oh! And since I know you’re curious: the listed weight limit is 130 pounds, though I’m sure there will be more than enough people putting that to the test come this fall. I’m also looking forward to the inevitable YouTube video where someone tries to “upgrade” this thing and ends up careening down a suburban street while screaming like a Jawa.

(via io9, image: screengrab)

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