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What is the [Spoiler of Spoiler?] The [Spoiler,] Explained

A comics panel showing a huge auditorium filled with Kangs. Someone unseen is praising them.

So how about that wild first post-credit scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania? That scene, which shows thousands of Kang variants gathered in a colosseum, introduced us to three Kang variants—Rama-Tut, Immortus, and possibly Scarlet Centurion—along with countless other Kangs who are about to be unleashed on the multiverse.

What was going on there, exactly? When Immortus says that he’s summoned “all of us,” what does he mean?

You’ve just been introduced to the Council of Kangs.

The Council of Kangs, Explained

The Council of Kangs, like most things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, comes straight from Marvel comics. In the comics, the Council is a huge coalition of Kangs from across the multiverse that eliminates Kangs it deems problematic. The Council is secretly organized by Immortus, as part of his plan to reign supreme among all the Kangs.

It looks like the Council of Kangs in the MCU might follow a similar pattern to its comics counterpart. After all, it’s Immortus who convenes the council, and of the three Kang variants who meet privately, he seems to be the leader.

Is the Council of Kangs based on the Council of Ricks?

Jeff Loveness, who wrote the screenplay for Quantumania, has also worked extensively as a writer and producer for Rick and Morty—which also happens to have a council of variants, known as the Council of Ricks. This has led to many Quantumania viewers wondering if maybe a bit of Rick and Morty influence has made its way over to the Ant-Man franchise.

However, the Council of Kangs first debuted in Avengers #267, which came out in 1986. Sorry, Rick—as rickdiculous as the similarities are, Marvel got there first.

Where does the Council of Kangs go from here?

It’s hard to say when we’ll see more Kang variants in the MCU. We’ll probably see at least one in Loki season 2, since we’ve already met Victor Timely in the second Quantumania post-credit scene. After that, the only sure bet is Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, coming out in 2025.

That’s not to say some of the members of the Council might not make an earlier appearance. After all, there are plenty of them to go around.

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