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Yes, There’s a ‘Wordle’ for People Who Love Movie & TV Quotes Now

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Characters from Parasite look at their phones in front of a toilet in their semi-basement apartment.

We all know of Wordle (and its many spinoff games) by now. And some of these spin-offs are designed specifically for certain groups—like those interested in Japanese anime and video games or fans of the Star Wars franchise. Now, movie lovers can rejoice, as the latest version was built just for us and called “Quolture!”

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All you need to do is read the day’s quotes and figure out which movie or TV series the selection is from. There are two quotes each day. Quolture will give a movie, then a tv series. Unlike previous games, there are no single letters you’re vying for in order to strategize. Instead, you need to find the answer as a whole. However, there are tools like “reveal a random letter” (which you can use infinite times with repercussions) and two hints.


The score is calculated by how many letters you revealed, but the two hints are free. So, use them! Like golf, the lower the score, the better. Regardless of taking the two clues, you receive a perfect score if you reveal no letters and still get the correct answer. In the example below, I had no idea what the movie was with both clues and a few letters. In the end, my movie score was eight because I revealed eight letters before guessing correctly. However, with the TV show, I used one hint and could guess it.

“Quolture” 80 ⭐️1

?: ⬜️⬜️8️⃣
?: ⬜️?0️⃣

In both circumstances, I’ve never seen the media where the quote is from, but it didn’t stop the fun. You can read between the lines if you’re familiar with what shows are popular. The next day’s quotes are available starting at midnight, at least in CST.

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Other film-like games

If quotes aren’t your thing, but you’re a cinema aficionado and like the Wordle concept, there are many more to try. You might like Box Office Game, in which you guess the Box Office of a given weekend. And there are games similar to Scene-It mini-games, like Moviedle and Framed, which have you guess the movie based on a short clip or single frame. So, play away, moving picture lovers.

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