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What is Hive Social? The Twitter Alternative, Explained

Hive Social could be a new Twitter alternative

Although Twitter is still (at the time of writing) alive, various users have been considering jumping ship to other, similar platforms. Some are looking at Mastodon, others plugging Instagram and TikTok, but one possible alternative is newcomer Hive Social.

Launched just two years ago, the creators have acknowledged the surge in interest on Twitter, having just recently hit 1,000,000 users on November 21.

Here’s what you need to know about the Twitter competitor —and whether it can stand up to Twitter at just two years old.

What is Hive Social?

How does Hive Social Work? Hive Social has a very similar process to Twitter. Each user has a customizable profile where they can build up a following. Anything they post will be shared to their followers’ feeds.

In terms of design, it looks similar to Instagram, with the option to share large images as posts. It also incorporates nostalgic features from older social networks, like being able to choose a song to play on their profile page like MySpace, according to The Independent.

Its content guidelines have already been applauded on Twitter, with customizable NSFW controls for adult content.

The platform’s content guidelines also ban hate speech, copyright infringement, and more. Those users who fail to abide by those rules may find their account suspended or shut down, according to warnings from Hive management.

Much like most other platforms, Hive Social also has a short privacy policy that acknowledges that the app will collect various types of data, including data on people’s devices. Users must also “acknowledge and accept that no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure and reliable, and we cannot guarantee its absolute security”.

Is Hive Social a good Twitter alternative?

Will Hive Social replace Twitter? Whether Hive is ready to truly replace Twitter, however, remains to be seen. Started by two college students in 2019, the platform is apparently still run by just two people and is still raising money at the moment. There is little yet known about how the content guidelines and data privacy will be enforced by such a small team.

“Our pre-seed round was partially raised and funding is being used for our new update,” reads Hive’s website. “A startup is a marathon and our sprint is getting even more exciting!”

Plus, you need lots of users to become a social media giant. One million is impressive—but Twitter has 396.5 million. Basically, you’ve still got a way to go Hive, but we’re rooting for you.

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