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What Happened to Laura Lee on ‘Yellowjackets’ Was an Omen

Laura Lee looking quite scared in Yellowjackets season 1

The first season of Yellowjackets toyed with the possibility of the supernatural influencing events. Due to the freak nature of the plane crash and all the strange things that happened to the eponymous soccer team in the woods, it didn’t seem like much of a stretch. (Certainly not when there’s a man with no eyes!) Not to mention how Laura Lee (Jane Widdop)’s story ended in the show and how it ties into the strangeness of the woods.

So, what exactly happened to Laura Lee? Which theories feel most valid as more events unfold in Yellowjackets season 2? Let’s sift through the plane debris and sort it out.

What exactly happened to Laura Lee in Yellowjackets?

Laura Lee was a deeply religious teen who played on the Yellowjackets soccer team, which got stranded in the woods after their plane crashed in 1996. Her unwavering faith inspired Lottie (Courtney Eaton), but Laura Lee’s death had a much bigger impact.

Laura Lee’s ending involves a very obscene and unfortunate event. During Yellowjackets season 1, some characters are more determined than others (Misty) to leave. When the girls discover a plane in the woods, Laura Lee—with her faith and her confidence in being able to pilot a plane—works on getting it up and running so she can fly it and bring help back for her teammates.

At first it looks hopeful because Laura Lee does indeed get the plane off the ground, but just when she’s getting away from the hellish woods, the teddy bear in the cockpit randomly goes up in flames. Of course the plane blows up as everyone watches in horror from a distance. The teddy bear lighting on fire never felt like a coincidence by any means. With regards to speculation, it’s clear that the supernatural element in the woods (or the man with no eyes) made it so Laura Lee would fail and the Yellowjackets would be stuck.

The incident ties into how all of the attempts the girls make in the first season are thwarted, leading them right back to the cabin where creepy things obviously happened.

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