Loki crying in Loki season 2.

What Do You Mean “Tom Hiddleston Isn’t Kenough”!?

When the SAG-AFTRA strike ended on the day the Loki season 2 finale dropped, Loki‘s cast scrambled to do a last-minute press tour. During that press tour, series lead Tom Hiddleston dropped a bombshell.

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Hiddleston appeared on Happy Sad Confused, the podcast run by journalist Josh Horowitz. Hiddleston and Horowitz spent almost an hour talking Loki and other entertainment topics, and eventually the conversation turned to the summer’s twin blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer. Hiddleston revealed that he’d “barbenheimered“—that is, he saw both films in the same week.

“Do you think you’re Kenough?” Horowitz asked, referring to Ken’s (Ryan Gosling) revelation in Barbie that he can be masculine without being toxic.

“No,” Hiddleston replied. “No. No way. Come on. Look, I’m wearing navy blue, I’m wearing gray … I don’t deserve to be in that beautiful pink world.”

It seems like he might have misunderstood the concept of “Kenough” to be more about wardrobe than personality—which is fair! My husband gave me a blank look when I tossed out the term, even though he loved Barbie, too. But on the podcast, Horowitz was quick to assure Hiddleston that he is, in fact, Kenough.

Humility is hot, but Tom Hiddleston is the definition of Kenough

While other celebrities have been embroiled in scandals, Tom Hiddleston is an actor who has a reputation not just for his work, but for his wholesome personal life. If anyone in Hollywood is Kenough, it’s Tom.

Speaking of wholesomeness, the actor also discussed his new family on Happy Sad Confused, praising his wife Zawe Ashton and talking about becoming a dad. “I’m so proud of her,” he said of Ashton’s role in The Marvels. “I kind of want her to talk about her own work in her own way, but yeah, I’m so proud of her, and we’ve definitely had some laughs along the way about zippers and bathroom breaks” (that last line being a reference to Marvel villains’ often ornate costumes).

When asked if having a child changed his perspective, Hiddleston said, “Of course. It has to. I think I probably knew it would, but I could never have imagined how deeply it would until it happened.”

Loki season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

(via Happy Sad Confused, featured image: Disney+)

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