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Well, I Guess We Were All Wrong About Game of Thrones Winning Everything

Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones

There was an idea that Game of Thrones was going to win everything tonight at the Emmys. We were wrong. In a wild twist of events, that’s not the case. With only a win for Peter Dinklage for his performance as Tyrion Lannister and for Outstanding Drama for the show, Game of Thrones came home relatively empty-handed. Which, if I’m being completely honest, is surprising.

While the last season of the show wasn’t exactly a fan favorite, it was legendary and the end to a show that has changed the way we view our television. So to see it go out with more of a whimper during the Emmys? Not exactly what I wanted for the show but I get that this year’s Emmys were particularly stacked when it came to brilliant performances and shows.

It was sad to watch as the team took to the stage and said goodbye to the show but, one thing stuck out: David Benioff said that the likes of Game of Thrones would never happen again when HBO has…multiple prequels in the works for the series. I get the sentiment but also, Game of Thrones ushered in a new level of television and we can continue to follow in its footsteps to grow and change the production value of our television.

We owe that much to the series but that doesn’t mean that now that it is over, nothing will ever hold up to it. Remember when we thought that LOST was the most revolutionary thing to happen to television? But then Game of Thrones happened? The game is constantly changing and while this is a sad goodbye, it won’t be the last thing we see of this magnitude.

Twitter was a bit mixed on the lack of wins for the show.

Goodbye, Game of Thrones. You and I had a journey. When you killed Robb Stark, I couldn’t move on but I eventually did, I caught up, and then I watched the final season and was perplexed and bamboozled. But then again, that’s how television works and not everyone is going to be happy but I did wish that Gwendoline Christie would have won for her work as Brienne of Tarth after nominating herself. JUSTICE FOR BRIENNE!

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