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Weird Al’s Final Video From Mandatory Fun’s #8videos8days Push Is Here!

Monetize those assets, Al.

[Note: At the time of writing, we seem to be getting the same error we got with the video on Day 1 where it won’t play in the embedded window, but will play if you go directly to The error says the video won’t be available until 3:00AM on July 22nd, but after Monday’s error we expect the embed to work well before that. If the video above is playing, just pretend this note’s note here.]

I don’t want it to end, but the last video from Weird Al Yankovic’s #8videos8days push for his new album Mandatory Fun is here, and it’s for the Crosby, Stills & Nash-esque song “Mission Statement” which pokes fun at all the dumb corporate speak thrown around in business.

I was really hoping for a video for “NOW That’s What I Call Polka” but who knows, maybe Al will surprise us all and release videos for the other four songs off Mandatory Fun tomorrow?

If you’ve been watching Al’s videos this week then you’ve already listened to two thirds of the album. The whole thing is a really great example of why Weird Al has managed to hold on to his place in pop culture for decades. You can get details about it through his website but I know that Amazon has the digital version of the album available for $5.99.

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