Now You Know How Much Websites are Worth

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How many times have you sat back in a wing back chair before a roaring fireplace, pipe in hand, and wondered, “how much is my website worth?” Thankfully, there’s a site that can tell you. However, it’s only worth $169,921. Are you sure you can trust them at such bargain basement prices?

To be honest, I am dead certain that the numbers spit out by this site mean absolutely nothing. In fact, judging from the information it does provide, it’s almost certainly trying to either sell me advertising or webspace. Considering that the “recent sites” column lists “buxom naturals” and “eurocasino” amongst its users should give one pause before considering this an even remotely useful metric.

However, it is fun to compare some classic websites and see how they stack up.

According to the service, here’s what you should expect to pay for some of the Internet’s hottest properties.

Go Gaia – $3,045,357

Tumblr – $306,521,741

White House dot gov – $3,260,868

Deviant Art – $111,904,760

Wikipedia – $2,014,285,713

Bing – $587,500,000

Google – $14,100,000,000

And here’s a truly eye-opening comparison:

xHamster, the porn site – $238,983,054

AOL – $247,368,418

Last but not least:

The Huffington Post – $158,426,966

The Pirate Bay – $160,227,269

(How Much is My Website Worth via Bits and Pieces)

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