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Thing We Saw Today: Forget Bodega Cats, We Love John Boyega in Cats

We’re ignoring, well, everything going on in the news for the rest of the day and we’re choosing instead to focus on this. The beautiful beacon of goodness and weirdness that is…John Boyega’s face on the Cats trailer.

I don’t know how or why he did this…but I’m glad he did.

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The litter box scene was absolutely disgusting to shoot.

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I think it’s clear that John Boyega’s Instagram is better than most movies at this point, and as much as we love Cats (it has its charms, okay?!) this version is better. The emotion! The poise! The grace! The pure, Boyega of it all.

I know Universal has lost like, $100 million on this movie already, but I really think they need to invest in giving us the full, Boyega-only version of Cats that this trailer promises. It can’t hurt Cats’ reputation at this point, right?

In fact, I think we need to Boyega-fy more movies? Get him back in touch with Rian Johnson and create Boyegas Out. Give me, Boyegas: Endgame. The F8 of the Boyegas. Once Upon a Time…In John Boyega.

The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few more things we saw today that aren’t John Boyega (but could be).

  • The British records of UFO sightings are going public. No TARDIS in sight, though. (via Space.Com)
  • CinemaSins did Joker so now no one needs to waste time and money seeing it!
  • Stan Culture is not helping the world. (via Wear Your Voice)
  • Jordan and Jonathan Kent have been cast in Superman and Lois. (via Deadline)
  • Not wrong.

  • Ha, the State of the Union did very badly in ratings. (via Deadline)
  • Love to see the rich treat the poor like literal garbage.

  • More Henry Golding? Yes, please. (via EW)
  • Sam Neil with a pig. That’s all.

Anything we missed out there today? Let us know in the comments below! (Or just talk to us about John Boyega, that works too.)

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