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We Have Been Betrayed by … Carpool Karaoke


James Corden on chubbt people romances.

James Corden has become a household name. From hosting one of the best late night talk shows to being our Broadway-loving friend, he is someone we thought we could trust. And then footage of Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” filming revealed that everything we thought we knew about James Kimberly Corden is a lie.

Now, he had to take to The Late Late Show With James Corden to explain that while the video is quite damaging, he does actually drive the car most of the time. (If we can even trust that now, James Kimberly!)

“I’m just shocked I’ve done something that upsets people more than Cats,” Corden said, going into the Twitter responses and saying that the user “assgaze” and their anger towards him hurt the most. But while this is a serious outrage to us Carpool Karaoke fans, it is hilarious seeing as people think everything that James Corden gives us is real.

He went on to explain that the show is not actually live and is filmed at 5PM, that there are some times when they do sketches that are not actually real things, and that Reggie Watts is CGI. But most importantly, Corden doesn’t actually need the celebrities he’s with to help him get to work.

What I think is interesting about this is that it proves that James Corden is maybe one of our greatest fake drivers. So often, you can tell when someone isn’t really driving a car. They’re not looking at the road, they’re turning while going straight, and it isn’t great. But Corden? If he’s sometimes not actually behind the wheel, has mastered the art of making us think he’s driving.

Now, at least we know that James Corden has memorized all the lyrics to every song that pops up on Carpool Karaoke and doesn’t have monitors inside telling him some lyrics. That would be a real stab to the heart.

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