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We Found Out What Disney Wants To Do With ‘Gargoyles’ and It’s Frustratingly Unsurprising

Superstition and the sword ruled...

Disney announced that it is finally doing something with the beloved 1990s animated series Gargoyles. The show, which ran from 1994 to 1997, has gained renewed interest from streaming on Disney+. The series centers on a group of Gargoyle creatures from the 1900s brought into modern New York by a billionaire hellbent on immortality. During the day, they turn to stone and perch as protectors of their home, but at night they come alive into wonderful winged monsters. With the great animation and super cool New York-themed names, many people had their monster-lover awakening thanks to this series.

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With Disney holding the reins to the cult-classic show, it’s surprising that more hasn’t been done with it. Millennials love this show. (Did anyone else have the first few episodes on a VHS that came with a board game?) Now that we are becoming parents, we make sure our kids watch Gargoyles as much as we did. It mixes the modern world with mythical beings and magical lore. It’s the best of all worlds. Recently the original creators of the series continued the story in comic books. Otherwise, there hasn’t been anything new on the Gargoyles front.

An exclusive story from The Hollywood Reporter has given us an update on the future of Gargoyles. Disney is planning a live-action reboot series with Gary Dauberman and James Wan’s Atomic Monster. The team previously worked together on the Annabelle movies, The Nun, and the short-lived DC Swamp Thing series. Dauberman will write the series.

Why does Disney keep taking well-done animated stories and rebooting them as live-action properties? And “live action” is a misnomer; there is usually substantial CGI, especially where animals and monsters are concerned. With the announced creative team, there may be some real-world aspects. However, the Gargoyles themselves will most likely be computer-generated. They could make something just as interesting (if not more so) with animation than with a live-action treatment. Aside from The Little Mermaid, Disney’s live-action reboots of its animated classics have not been going well.

Beyond visual appeal, it will be hard to match the casting of the original series. Keith David voiced Goliath, Jonathan Frakes was the evil Xanatos, and Marina Sirtis played Demona. Plus, a ton of great Star Trek actors had guest roles throughout the series. Ed Asner voiced the old gargoyle, Hudson! This cast is unlike anything else. The creative team for the Gargoyles reboot has some big shoes to fill. Of course, I will give the show a chance because I am a ride-or-die Gargoyles fan, but they better make sure Goliath, Brooklyn, and Demona are still hot.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, featured image: Disney+)

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