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Come Live Your Best Life and Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi With Kelly Marie Tran

Though director Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi commentary has revealed some interesting tidbits and infuriating deleted scenes, everything else immediately dropped on my priority list when I discovered that Kelly Marie Tran gave her The Last Jedi commentary to The Oh My Disney Show. Tran sat down with them to watch the film and discuss her experience playing Rose Tico. As part of the movie watch, Tran discusses her opinions on porgs, #Reylo, and the experience of filming with co-stars John Boyega, Veronica Ngo, and Oscar Isaac.

On working with Veronica Ngo, who plays Rose’s sister Paige: 

“We actually spent a lot of time together, because she was in London for about three months, so we became close really quickly. First of all, because she’s an amazing human and very talented actress. But also because we have a shared history within our families; we’re both Vietnamese, and we just connected immediately. And we still text all the time. She’s just an amazing person.”

On the porgs:

“Well, I’m neutral … [laughs] No, I’m so pro-porg. I’ve loved them from the beginning. I remember seeing them at their inception; I feathered them in the creatures department. Look at that face! Look. At. This. Face.”

On working with John Boyega:

“Oh, I love him so much! I can’t think of anyone better to have had as a partner throughout this experience – especially because he had just gone through what I had gone through for this movie, but on Force Awakens. He was just, first of all, such a great actor, and so charismatic and funny, and also as a human, just a really supportive person. We instantly hit it off.”

On Oscar Isaac: 

“I can confirm … he is just as charming in person.”

On Reylo: 

“I really, really like what Rian has done with these characters, in terms of their relationship, and the idea that they’re two sort of lone figures (on obviously opposite sides) going through this parallel experience. It seems like a very lonely thing to have this sort of power that you might not understand, that no one else really has (at least in the same age space). So I love what he’s done with them.”

On being part of the Star Wars universe: 

“It feels like both a responsibility and an honor at the same time. Part of me is like, ‘I don’t want to take this seriously, I just want to have fun’ But the other part of me is like, ‘This is a huge thing, and it it should be taken with a lot of thought. And just knowing that you have a responsibility to not just this film, but to the ones before, and the ones that will come.”

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