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Watch Live: Round 2 of the Tromsø Chess Olympiad is Underway

Ask not e4 whom the bell tolls.

Round 2 of the 2014 Chess Olympiad in underway with IM Lawrence Trent and GM Jan Gustafsson back to provide commentary. I really like their commentary so far. You don’t have to be great at chess to understand what’s happening. You can watch all the action right here.

And here are the live boards.

Open Event:

Women’s Event:

We know one of the top players from the US, Hikaru Nakamura was delayed getting to the event and will have to miss the first few rounds, but according to Gustafsson yesterday, a few other top world players including Carlsen and Aronian missed, or perhaps just sat out, the first round.

(via Chess Olympiad)

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