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OK So Is Donald Trump Getting Indicted Today or Not?

Merry Arrestmas?

Protesters hold a large banner reading "arrest trump" on a New York City street.

Thanks to a series of all-caps rants on his own third-rate social media site, the whole country is on the edge of our seats, waiting to see if Donald Trump gets arrested today.

Donald Trump is currently involved in five separate investigations in different states for a variety of alleged crimes (not to mention a slew of civil lawsuits covering other possible misdeeds). The one he’s currently obsessing over involves his alleged sexual relationship with adult film actress Stormy Daniels and the hush money she says he gave her to stay quiet about it. Trump’s then-personal lawyer Michael Cohen has already served a prison sentence for his role in paying Daniels and miscategorizing the payments as business expenses. Now the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is looking into how much Trump knew about the financial crimes. And, according to Trump, they think he knew a lot—enough to actually make an indictment. Today, as he tells it.

Why does Trump think he’s getting arrested today?

According to one Truth Social rant over the weekend, Trump said he saw “illegal leaks” that stated the DA’s office was planning an indictment Tuesday. According to Trump’s attorney, who spoke with NPR, that information was “based on media reports” they say came from Bragg’s office.

But to be clear, literally the only person who seems to be publicly claiming an indictment is happening today is Trump himself.

Trump has been posting videos and all-caps rants online, calling for his supporters to “fight” and “protest,” with language and a general sense of indignant rage that is all too reminiscent of his language around the January 6 Capitol riot.

From the sound of it, his supporters are not responding with the fervor he clearly hoped for. There are reports of a meager group of demonstrators outside of Mar-a-Lago, and little activity in online organizing spaces.

The “protest” outside the Manhattan DA’s office is also reportedly laughably small, with demonstrators far outnumbered by reporters and onlookers.

According to NPR, “Several media outlets, including the Associated Press, reported that law enforcement officials in New York were making security preparations for an indictment, but framed the timing of such an event as ‘in the coming weeks.'”

Does Trump want to get arrested?

Trump is very obviously trying to use his potential arrest to stir up his angry base of supporters, politicizing the investigations and demonizing Democrats. He is also, as you might have guessed, not just trying to raise ire but also raise money. In addition to his regular angry rants, he’s also posted angry fundraising rants on Truth Social, asking for donations on his website.

There is debate as to whether an indictment and/or arrest would help or hurt Trump and Republicans. At least in the short term, it seems inevitable that those pathetic protests would grow in size. It could likely see Trump shooting ahead of DeSantis in 2024 election polls out of pure anger. But would that supportive rage actually carry him through the primary and even general election?

We can’t possibly pretend to know the answers to those questions. Either way, I think it’s totally fine to root for the bad man getting held accountable for his many (alleged) crimes. So if you’re wishing for a Merry Arrestmas today, I think you’re likely to end up disappointed but we can definitely keep hoping for the future.

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