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The Walking Dead Recap: Someone Is Probably A Judas, Plus Exclusive Photos From Next Week!



We apologize for the delay in this week’s recap, the Academy Awards are just too long. To make it up to you, this week’s recap has exclusive photos from episode 12! Get caught up with last week then hit the jump to see if the remaining humans have killed each other yet. 


This week’s episode “I Ain’t a Judas” began with a cold open on the group the day after the attack. At this point no one is leading, even though Rick still believes he is. Stay or go, they’re pretty much screwed so now it’s a matter of whether or not they attack or sit and wait to be killed.

In Woodbury, The Governor is with Milton coming up with a list of residents able to fight and no, children are not exempt. Andrea joins them to find out The Governor did in fact go to the prison but guess what? He lies and tells her the prison residents were the ones who “started it.” She attempts to convince him talking things over will allow for a peaceful resolution to the whole fight but he tells her if she makes a move, she’s not welcome back in Woodbury. Outside, Andrea starts to piece together what’s really going on. The Governor is starting a militia and she’s not the only one unhappy about it.

Hershell and Merle have a surprising heart to heart at the prison. Merle may not like anyone there but he knows if he goes back to Woodbury, The Governor will kill him. In fact, he lays out just how The Governor will kill their entire group should he return.

Andrea decides she’s going to the prison no matter what and ropes Milton into helping her even though she really has no reason to trust him. Meanwhile, Milton is looking like the child in the Andrea/Governor divorce situation. But help her he does, even though he spills to The Governor after, and they go off in search of a walker pet so Andrea can walk to the prison without being bothered. For the first time, I almost felt bad for a walker. And as it happens, while they’re working, the missing Tyreese and his group find them and Milton takes them back to Woodbury. Oh boy. Not good.

So what did Andrea expect when returning to her lost group? She knows The Governor has not been forthright but she had no idea how he’s treated other human beings, the ones she cares about in particular. So when she comes to the gates of the prison, she’s greeted as a spy rather than a friend. Rick was particularly hard on her but then again, he’s been that way with everyone as of late. Her attempts at a peaceful resolution aren’t being heard at the prison either and she realizes during her stay in Woodbury, she’s missed a lot and may not fit in with her old friends anymore. She and Michonne finally have a chat in which Michonne lays it all out for her: “You chose a warm bed over a friend.” She’s got a point Andrea. Just as she’s leaving, Carol gives her a serious talk. She tells her to sleep with The Governor, even though she has no idea the two were already involved, and murder him in his sleep. It’s the only way to end the fight, she says. If you hadn’t realized how Carol has changed since she traveled with her abusive husband, now you know.

Back in Woodbury, we see Tyreese and the rest being indoctrinated into the town’s ways and unlike most interactions in this series, the most important information necessary is revealed right away. They were inside the prison and they agree to help The Governor get inside. Dammit, Tyreese! Only Rick was crazy, that doesn’t mean you should sentence and entire group to death. Andrea doesn’t hide her return and goes straight to The Governor to tell him it was her choice to return. The tension here was palpable as we know what’s in the back of her mind. If she can get him to let his guard down, she can end the conflict. Of course she’d be stuck in Woodbury as a murderer but I don’t think that’s quite occurred to her. They do spend the night together and Andrea makes a move. She grabs her knife and stands naked over the sleeping Governor…and does nothing. Come on, you know The Governor isn’t going out that easily.

Usually I’d complain about an episode filled with mostly talking but in this case, it worked? Why? Because the character interactions actually mattered. The Michonne/Andrea confrontation most of all but also Carol/Daryl, Merle/Hershell, Merle/Michonne, and Carol/Andrea. I’m not sure when the big confrontation will come and who will live through it but you can bet it’s going to get nasty.

Let us know what you thought of the new episode in the comments and we’ll see you back here next Monday for another recap! Here are the three exclusive pictures from next week’s episode of The Walking Dead on AMC.

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