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Viz Media Just Dropped a Bunch of Its Most Popular Shows for Free (and Subbed) on YouTube

One word: free.

Gon x Killua in Hunter x Hunter

The content we love isn’t always accessible for a number of reasons. Sometimes it comes down to not wanting to pay for a whole bunch of streaming services. Of course, there are app options like Tubi and Plex that offer shows in full for free (and that’s more than we had many years ago), but here’s some good news: Viz Media has officially added itself to the list of companies willing to drop a bunch their content on YouTube and call it a day. Yes, that’s right: You can watch several of your favorite anime titles for free right now.

Viz Media has released popular titles like Death Note (all episodes are available), Hunter x Hunter (all episodes are available), Sailor Moon (all episodes are available), Naruto (Seasons 1-8), Inyuasha (all episodes are available), Mr. Osomatsu (Season 1 + 2) etc. on YouTube, and English sub is available. Some titles aren’t available in full (you can find some content for free elsewhere), and as of right now, the playlists aren’t available to everyone, depending on your location. I’m currently located in Canada and can’t access everything they have put up, but if you are able to access all of Viz Media’s uploaded content, then you’re in luck.

Don’t fret if you’re looking for more than just series and enjoy films, as well. Viz Media has also dropped many anime films (including the Inyuasha franchise) on YouTube. So if you’re looking for something specific and Viz Media has the rights, you may very well be able to stream it right now on your TV, gaming console, phone etc. Looking for a limited-run series from the 2010s like TIGER & BUNNY or Accel World? Maybe even the 3DCG series like Infini-T-Force? You’ll find those on Viz Media’s YouTube channel, as well.

You can browse Viz Media’s channel or their site to find out more about their catalogue or other services.

(featured image: Viz Media)

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