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All These Looks From Micheline Pitt’s IT Collection Will Float Right Into My Closet

You'll all float ...

IT Vixen Cover Image

Recently, artist and designer Micheline Pitt launched a series of looks in collaboration with Warner Bros. for IT and IT Chapter Two.

Vixen by Micheline Pitt is an L.A.-based design house that has taken inspiration from 1950s bad girls, vintage aesthetic, and ’80s flair. In this case, Pitt has taken those vibes and combined them with horror, but it certainly isn’t the first time she’s made looks inspired by the genre. From Pet Sematary to classic monsters and Halloween itself, Pitt is right at home when it comes to making nightmare fuel look fashionable.

IT shirts and dresses

“Like millions of other fans who grew up reading Stephen King books, my most coveted was IT,” says Pitt. I share the same feeling, though for the ’90s miniseries where Tim Curry portrayed Pennywise. One of my greatest childhood achievements is successfully watching it with no lingering nightmares. (Note: I may or may not have had my eyes closed for a good chunk of it.)

IT face shirt

Pitt goes on to share her love of the series and desire to make clothing (and accessories) that paid tribute to the horror icon that made us terrified of clowns (unless you were already terrified of them, in which case, sorry Pennywise made it worse):

I also grew up with a love of clowns, and Pennywise was a terrifying figure that fascinated me. These new films are just incredible – the world building, the imagery, the characters, but most of all the design of Pennywise, the dancing clown. It is such an iconic character, and I, like so many others, am completely obsessed with him. I felt that there lacked clothing and accessories for us female fans to share our fandom of this film franchise, and what better way to show that fandom than a screen accurate Pennywise bag! With his sinister smile and glistening metallic foil orange eyes, this may be the scariest bag ever made!

I personally think that sweet, innocent SS Georgie bag is too close to that creepy Pennywise bag, thank you very much! That Pennywise bag looks so much like the real thing that you could legitimately hold it over your face to look like the clown.

Pennywise and Georgie bags

Wait, that’s the point, isn’t it?

Vixen IT bag and dress



IT shirts

The collection, which goes from XS to 4X, is a mix of bags and cleverly designed clothing pieces (T-shirts, dresses, and skirts). Some pieces are perfect replicas of images from the franchise, such as the Pennywise bag with the dreary SS Georgie lining, but for the most part, the collection is a creative spin on IT—a pink skirt with Pennywise dancing along the edge of it, a shirt with the many (frightening) faces of Pennywise—and, of course, no IT collection would be complete without your very own Losers Club shirt.

Losers Club shirt

You can follow the sailboat to float toward the inevitable demise of your wallet right over here! Balloons, sunflowers, and unsettling photoshoot locations are not included … as far as I know.

IT shirt

IT shirt

IT dress

(Image: Vixen by Micheline Pitt/Warner Bros.)

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