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Hilarious Video Tenants Made for a Bad Apartment Is the Best Revenge


Funny Twitter viral video about a bad flat

We may toss around that something “won the Internet” pretty often, but in the case of this viral video on Twitter, there really should be some kind of gold-star reward. After being told to make a video for the flat they are “basically being forced out of,” ostensibly for the purposes of showing it to prospective new renters, the tenants instead served up a romp through the space, showcasing everything wrong with it—plus a few surprises of their own.

The video just escalates in gleeful absurdity, as we move from practical elements to consider like wonky shelving, botched door handles, and rats in the garden, to more perilous problems to consider like the presence of ghosts (and is that mold?). Really, it’s an exercise in comedic venting, the sort of creativity the being in lockdown creates. The video also feeds off a recognizable mood of the moment, which likely propelled its popularity.

This would be funny at any point in time, but there’s an additional sense of frustration these days against agents of housing that traverses international borders. Many people in many countries are feeling the pinch of rent and mortgages in a time of chaotic economic uncertainty, and there’s a certain shared glee in the idea of sticking it to an awful landlord or callous housing company.

Some of the truly genius moves here emerge from the passive-aggressive, brilliant signs left around that enter the frame casually when the “tour” is headed past. YOU WILL HATE IT HERE! THERE IS A GHOST WHOO! And of course:

The video was posted by Scottish actor Sandy Batchelor, whose delightful narration really brings this whole thing together. He’s asking the important questions, and taking this bit of virality with good humor.

While the video went viral because of its humor, it definitely ties into our everyday reality. This is the sort of truthful take on a place many of us wish we could make after being trapped in a nightmare apartment, and there’s a burn-it-all-down mentality that’s delicious. It’s also the truthful take many of us pre-renting wish we could’ve seen about an apartment. As for Batchelor and his fiance, he says in a reply that they have another place lined up, which probably helped when considering whether to set their current flat on notice.

In the end, I’m pleased to report that there are different kinds of shenanigans still occurring at Batchelor’s place of residence:

(image: screengrab/Sandy Batchelor on Twitter)

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