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Viola Davis Just Might Be Our New Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

Does this mean we'll get to see her put Ben Affleck in his place?


Get your grains of salt ready, but also your celebratory party hats.

Latino Review, masters of the unsourced scoop, are calling this one: Viola Davis is Warner Bros.’ pick for the role of Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad. Now, now, this is awesome, but at the moment there’s been no official confirmation. Just Latino Review’s anonymous sources, who say there’s just one final wrinkle:

Now, the key here is that the role is hers provided that the filmmakers can work out her TV schedule, which will be no small feat considering how big of a hit How To Get Away With Murder is. If it works out she will be joining Jared Leto as the Joker, Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Tom Hardy as Rick Flag, Jai Courtney as Boomerang (or Captain Boomerang), and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

In our previous report on casting, Variety had said Davis, Oprah Winfrey and Octavia Spencer were all in the running, so rejoice or pine over what might have been at your leisure. It’s time for the rest of us to play the waiting game: either for someone at Warner Bros. to confirm these facts, or for Warner Bros. to make an official announcement.

I will conclude by apologizing for reminding you that this won’t be the first time that Amanda Waller has appeared in a feature film, and, by proxy, reminding you that Green Lantern was a thing. That said, Angela Basset was great in the role.

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