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To Avoid Draconian Apple Porn Policy, Vine Changes Rating to 17+, Still Has Porn

Twitter’s new Vine service lets people post six-second-long videos to the Internet, so people are obviously using it for porn. Apple goes out of its way to make it look like they keep porn off their devices, so they boot apps from the App Store pretty quickly if people start using them for porn. To avoid getting booted altogether, Vine has preemptively changed their rating to 17+, and made a few other adjustments in their new update.

Last month, Apple kicked photosharing app 500px out of the App Store because users were posting nude photos. After making some changes like adding a button allowing users to flag inappropriate content, and changing their rating to 17+, Apple finally let 500px back in.

Vine is trying to avoid being purged from the garden of Apple in the first place, so they’ve made similar changes with their new version 1.0.5, out today. Along with the new rating, Vine now gives users the ability to report and block users, and share a video after it’s been posted. There’s still porn on Vine, but I’m willing to bet there’s a lot more of it on the Internet, and as long as it’s not Flash you can view it in Safari on your iOS device.

Since Vine is making nearly identical moves to the ones that got 500px back in the App Store, they’re probably safe for now from falling victim to Apple’s overbearing porn policy, but then again Apple’s never been particularly logical when it comes to what they do or do not allow in the App Store.

(via The Verge, image via Vine)

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