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Verizon to Refund $50 Million to Over 15 Million Americans

Verizon is set to refund $50 million to over 15 million Americans in response to a two-year-long investigation by the FCC regarding incorrect data plan service charges.

The refunds will generally be small amounts credited to current customers’ accounts, while non-customers will receive checks in the mail. Some of the incorrect charges were applied after the use of application demos, while other incorrect charges were applied after users would accidentally load Verizon’s Mobile Web browser, an appropriately named mobile browser with fairly basic online functions, such as being able to check one’s email and the weather.

As a loyal Verizon customer, I can personally attest to frequently accidentally loading the mobile browser and do recall a few mysterious higher-than-normal bills. I suppose that’s a small price to pay (get it?!) for a phone that works in the subway more than it doesn’t, especially when that price is getting refunded.

(The Wall Street Journal via Ars Technica)

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