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Vehicle Arrestor Will Stop a Speeding 15,000-Pound Vehicle in Its Tracks, Utterly Destroy It

A company called Barrier1 Systems makes a variety of terrifying vehicle-stopping devices, the most formidable of which, the Vehicle Arrestor, consists of a net that can be deployed across a roadway up to 250 feet wide in less than two seconds. Watch as it utterly destroys a 15,000-pound truck traveling at 50 miles per hour.

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There’s plenty more insanity in this video, but of particular note is the Crash Beam, which makes its first appearance at 1:15: It looks just like a typical security gate of the kind you’d see at a highway tollbooth, but if you’ve seen the Vehicle Arrestor in action, you can guess what kind of stopping power it has.

(via Reddit.)

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