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Vacation Horror Stories Turned Into Creepy Movie Posters for M. Night Shyamalan’s Old

Beware of blood and bugs.

Reads "One The Very Last Day...." and "Ayudame" over a background of drowning hand reaching for another hand. (Image: Poster Posse and Paul Ainsworth)

In promotion for his upcoming film Old, on June 19, director M. Night Shyamalan asked his Twitter followers to share their “wildest vacation story” in return for a chance of receiving a unique movie poster made by the Poster Posse.

The incredibly talented group has worked with over 45 major partners ranging from Wizards of The Coast to different corners of the Disney Empire. This latest collaboration with Universal Pictures gave fans a chance to see their stories reimagined by professional artists worldwide.

Just a few days later, the official Old Twitter account revealed Lightening Highway. Illustrated by U.K. designer Matt Needle, the artist adapted the story into a poster that feels both retro and contemporary. The retro feel comes from the texture of the poster while the photography elements make look like a recent live-action movie.

If you look carefully, you’ll find the place for the director in each of the posters instead shows the Twitter username of the storyteller.

The next was from a big fan of Shyamalan’s work. Drawn by Ryan Shumate, the poster references the director’s found-footage horror film The Visit.

Designed by “designustrator” (her word for graphic designer + illustrator) Dorothea Taylor, this poster captures the gore and the utter bizarreness of the Twitter user’s set in a hostel. 

Typically used by younger travelers in Europe or Asia, hostels usually are a bit cheaper and affordable for individuals for short stays. Not all get the bonus bloodbath from this story.

The scariest and most painful story adapted to a poster was designed by artist Mike Mahle. Being chased by a swarm of wasps is genuinely the stuff of nightmares. One wasp getting too close feels like too many.

There is a clear difference between bees and wasps. However, this story also reminds me of the stingers in The Wicker Man and Candyman—a bad time.

Illustrated by artist Paul Ainsworth, the final poster gives another terrifying beach story with text reading “AYUDAME,” which translates from Spanish as “Help me!”

On Instagram, Ainsworth shared the poster with the caption reading, “All I know is that the Ocean should always be respected. We may have come from the sea, but nothing says the sea won’t take us back!” 

While I am new at watching select horror films without coercion by family or friends, I am not new to my love for the incredible posters and fan art made by artists. These posters were commissioned officially, but still fall on the more fun side and would not be possible without the connectedness of the web.

This collab with Shyamalan, Universal Pictures and the artists that make up Poster Posse is a unique and interactive way to hype up Old. A win-win for everyone, especially the fans.

(via Twitter, image: Poster Posse and Paul Ainsworth)

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