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USWNT Criticized for Celebrating Goals in World Cup Match Because Women Literally Cannot Win

The U.S. team beat Thailand 13-0 in a new World Cup record.

uswnt team beats thailand.

The U.S. Women’s National Team returns to the World Cup stage to defend their 2015 world championship title. In yesterday’s match against Thailand, the USWNT scored a resounding victory with a score of 13-0. The win wasn’t much of a surprise, given the team’s relative rankings, but the U.S. team was criticized for celebrating every one of their 13 goals.

Sports analysts from Canada and America took the team to task for effusively celebrating each goal. Former Canada national teamer Kaylyn Kyle said, “I think, as a Canadian, we would just never ever think about doing something like that.”

Meanwhile Fox Sports analyst Alexi Lalas praised the team for the decisive victory, while fellow commentator Rob Stone said, “I understand your point, but this one was done … This got humiliating at some point. It just became an exercise in target practice for the United States.”

Other sports pundits took to Twitter to call out the team:

Ah yes, how dare the USWNT excel at their careers, which they have spent years of their lives training for? How could they rejoice at scoring goals on an international stage while playing at the highest level possible? How dare they flaunt their victory in a series of high fives and hugs?

Strangely, I have never heard similar criticisms leveled at any male soccer team in the World Cup, or against any male athletes at all. It sure seems like, even in competitive sports, women cannot win. Or if they do win, they better be quiet about it. What would these critics have the players do, solemnly nod every time they score a goal? This is misogynist nonsense, pure and simple.

U.S. coach Jill Ellis said of the win, “For these players, four years now some of them have been working, some of them even longer, I don’t find it my job to go and harness my players and rein them in. This is a world championship.”

Star player Megan Rapinoe responded to the criticism saying, “First of all, this is the World Cup, this is something that [the players] have been dreaming about for their whole lives, so you can’t fault them for that joy. I think, honestly, if anyone wants to come at our team for not doing the right thing, not playing the right way, not being the right ambassador for the sport, they can come at us, because I think our only crime was an explosion of joy last night … if our crime is joy, then we’ll take that.”

And women across the world took to Twitter to call out the sexist pearl-clutching in the wake of USWNT’s decisive victory:

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