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USA and Canada Come Together To Mock Their Respective Olympics Uniforms

Global unity achieved through memes? Honestly why not.

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The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics was, like so many events last year, delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, plans are moving forward for the international multi-sport event to take place in July and August of this year. And with the games just weeks away, it’s time for my favorite part of the Olympics: the ceremonial uniforms.

Granted, I am not much of a sports fan, but I do love checking out the latest fashions for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. These outfits have to thread the needle between being fashionable, inoffensive, and above all patriotic. They have to embody their country’s culture, while avoiding making the athletes look like walking flag mascots.

But while the Olympics is known for many things, subtlety isn’t one of them. Case in point: Canada’s entry of a jean jacket with a spray-painted version of their maple leaf flag upon it. I would like to imagine that this is an ironic play on the Canadian tuxedo, i.e. denim jacket on denim pants. Not to be outdone, America has debuted their Ralph Lauren looks, which resemble something an 80s movie villain would wear. I can just picture Billy Zabka wearing this white-on-white ensemble while giving a nerd a wedgie.

There is something deeply funny about dressing the fittest folks on the planet in the least flattering looks possible. In the spirit of global unity, both Canadians and Americans have come together to mock their respective uniforms on social media. The results are, predictably, hilarious.

Although I don’t think it’s possible to top Canada’s uniforms for the 1988 Calgary Olympics:

Let the games begin, I guess.

What do you think of the Olympic uniforms? Would you wear the Team Canada denim jacket?

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